Drunk neo-Nazis allegedly harass a family on a Berlin train, urinate on the children


Two neo-Nazis allegedly assaulted a mother and her two sons traveling on a Berlin train over the weekend, The Local reports, yelling abuse at them before reportedly urinating on both of the children.

Witnesses called the police, according to the report, who arrested the men and confirmed that they were known to authorities as members of a neo-Nazi group.

The Local writes:

According to multiple witnesses, the men roared “Heil Hitler” and other Nazi slogans at the family, raising their right arms in Nazi salutes.
Referring to the woman and children as a “pack of asylum seekers,” the men reportedly told them “we’re the master race,” adding “you’re not Aryan.”
32-year-old Christoph Sch. then exposed himself to the children before urinating on them.

Police are prosecuting the men for racist abuse and causing bodily harm, Death and Taxes writes. The story is reminiscent of another awful incident involving drunken racists recently: Two brothers urinated on a homeless man in Boston because, they said, they’re on board with Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rants.

Germany is dealing with an uptick in neo-Nazi activity—ranging from protests to arson at refugee shelters–as the country debates its asylum seeker policies.

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