Fox News Host: Debra Messing? Basically Hitler


We’re living in the golden age of the dumbest possible feuds imaginable—a time when the president of the United States of America can publicly whine at a sitcom star for wanting to know who donates to his campaign, and within less than 24 hours, that same sitcom star can be compared to Nazis—literal 1939 goose-stepping, sieg heil-ing Nazis—by the president’s favorite TV network.

My head hurts from writing that. Yours probably hurts from reading it. And yet, that’s where we are, as Fox News host Harris Faulkner compared actress Debra Messing’s request to know the names of attendees at a recent fundraiser for President Donald Trump to “very early days in Germany.”

“My husband is Jewish,” Faulkner added, after some crosstalk. “We’ve talked about this recently. Where because of your faith, or because of your beliefs, and because some thought that was outside of where it needed to be, they would go after your businesses and your livelihood. I’m not saying that that is the slippery slope here, I’m just reminding people that it did happen.”

She’s not saying Messing is DEFINITELY a Nazi. She’s just “reminding” people that Jews in Germany were targeted by the racist government, and wow, isn’t that totally, kind of vaguely, a little, maybe if you squint-your-eyes-just-so similar to being a Trump donor in 2019?

Shortly after her initial request for information on Trump donors, Messing—who is Jewish herself—shared a link to a very helpful Splinter article offering step by step instructions for how to access the already public records of who’s given money to the Trump campaign.

Thanks Debra!

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