George Clooney/ Your Poem Is Booty


George Clooney has published a poem, titled “A Prayer For Our Country.” Two can play at that game, George Clooney.


George Clooney
We can all agree it’s too bad
That your face can’t write the poem
Too bad.

George Clooney
Leave the poem writing to William Carlos Williams
Go get a massage from a monkey. Hire a contortionist for a servant
Do your own nails.

“I pray that we can find more that unites us than divides us”
That’s what you wrote in your poem
George Clooney
Shitty hack line overall.

“I pray for all of our children,” you wrote
Well do you know I pray for?
I pray that I can one day get a refund for my ticket to Money Monster
Starring George Clooney

Sit in a golden bath tub
Serviced by a thousand high priced hookers
Sky dive out of a private plane. Do whatever you want
Besides poems.

“And when I pray, I kneel”
That’s your poem’s last line.
Extremely powerful
Just playing. Sound like a shitty rejected DNC fundraising email

God bless America
You’re a bad poet George Clooney
Leave the writing to ugly people
You were also a corny Batman.


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