GOP Tax Bill 'Sells Itself' Say Conservative Groups That Plan to Spend Millions to Sell It


On Thursday, Politico reported that conservative super PACs and groups within the Koch network are planning a multi-million dollar campaign in the new year to sell their wildly unpopular tax bill.

Only around a third of Americans approve of this demon bill because it is very bad. While a majority of people will see a tax cut across the board in the first few years, most of those benefits will go to the wealthy. And, by 2027, more than half of Americans would see a tax increase, while the rich will still get massive cuts because of the permanent corporate-friendly provisions.

But to hear conservative groups say it, there’s no problem at all.

“The bill sells itself,” argued Stephen Moore, one of the founders of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, a group that is planning to spend a majority of its $1 million annual budget to sell the plan that sells itself.

And that’s not to mention all the money conservative groups have already spent to sell the plan that sells itself. According to Politico, the American Action Network, a group with ties to GOP leadership, spent $24 million to sell the plan before it passed. The Koch network spent $15 million. (Opposition to the bill grew by 10 points between November and December, according to a new CNN poll.)

Look, I’m no “merchant” or “vendor” but if you think the bill sells itself, spending millions of dollars on it seems like a waste of money to me. But then again, maybe wealthy GOP donors are suddenly flush with so much cash for some reason that they simply can’t spend it fast enough!

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