How Congressional Republicans felt about last night’s gun control sit-in, in one tweet


Late Wednesday night, GOP members of congress stormed off the House floor and headed to an early 4th of July vacation after declining to hold a vote, or any discussion, on the gun control measures being urged by Democrats’ protests.

You might wonder what the mood could have been like at the end of the unprecedented session, following hours of protests, singing, and at least one GOP member shrieking “Radical Islam!” at his fellow representatives.

We got something of a glimpse at that famous Congressional unity and bipartisanship via the Twitter feed of Rep. Ted Deutsche (D-FL):

We were unable to verify whether the speaker in this tweet was, in fact, Rep. Jeremy Jamm (R-Pawnee).

In any case, we hope the congressperson enjoyed his or her drink and cigar, as we know that doing absolutely nothing about gun violence can be quite stressful.

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