I'm Shocked (Shocked!) That Jerry Falwell Jr. Would Send Emails Like This

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Turns out horndog Jerry Falwell Jr. has multiple facets to how much of a jackass he is. On Monday, we were alerted to how much Falwell insists on talking about his sex life at work, making his coworkers incredibly uncomfortable.

Now, according to emails obtained by Reuters, Falwell is a scumbag in other ways. In a 2010 email, Falwell called one student at Liberty University (where I need to remind you, Falwell is president!) “emotionally imbalanced and physically retarded.” Reuters published screenshots of the emails here.

While that’s pretty disgusting, Falwell was at best unprofessional to a number of Liberty-affiliated persons. Again, he runs Liberty! He’s in charge!

All of these people either couldn’t be reached for comment or declined to comment on Falwell’s terrible emails. From Reuters:

-Ronald Sones, then the dean of the engineering school, was “a bag of hot air” who “couldn’t spell the word ‘profit,’” Falwell wrote in 2011.
-Richard Hinkley, the campus police chief, was “a half-wit and easy to manipulate” and shouldn’t be allowed to speak publicly.
-Of Kevin Keys, then Liberty’s associate athletics director, Falwell wrote in 2012: “Only get Kevin involved in something if you want it not to work.”

Wonder what Falwell’s namesake, his daddy, thinks about these!

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