John Leguizamo Is Bringing a One-Man Latinx History Show to Broadway


Earlier this year, John Leguizamo debuted a new show at the Public Theater called Latin History for Morons.

In the show, the star of films like Carlito’s Way, The Pest, To Wong Foo, and Ice Age, takes us through a history of Latinx people, including the Aztec Empire and European colonialism, in search of a suitable Latino hero for his son’s school project. Now, the show, which also had a run at the Berkeley Repertory Theater in California, is hitting Broadway this fall, officially opening November 15.

In the show, the Columbian-American actor draws from a variety of sources to reconstruct the complex history, with a mix of monologue and impersonations, with the aid of some sound design and visual aids. Via the New York Times review of the show:

Mr. Leguizamo, whose inspirational source material ranges from the Aztec Codex to Howard Zinn and Sigmund Freud, sees himself as being descended from “a bastardly people,” bred by the intermingling of the Americas’ original inhabitants and their Spanish invaders.

Leguizamo has consistently been outspoken regarding the portrayal of Latinx people in Hollywood and media, and in the show, as the Times describes, Leguizamo rethinks “his notions of not only what ethnic identity is but also what defines heroism.” Latin History for Morons will be his sixth one-man show on Broadway.

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