Megyn Kelly Has Really Been on One About the Brett Kavanaugh Allegations


Oftentimes, when there’s an opportunity to say the bad thing, Megyn Kelly can be found saying that bad thing to her audience of suburban moms who are flipping channels during the commercials. So it stands to reason that she’s been very On One about defending Brett Kavanaugh from allegations of sexual misconduct by two women.

One example came after Deborah Ramirez came forward over the weekend with allegations that Kavanaugh drunkenly exposed himself and thrust his genitals in her face. (Kavanaugh has denied the claims.) On her Monday show—which, again, I can be forgiven for only being made aware of today because no one watches this show—Kelly coined the monster line of defense: “‘He Too’ is entitled to due process.”

She went on to say that, just like when Roy Moore was accused—which is not the comparison I’d want to be drawn if I were a Kavanaugh defender—the women “were accused of being political operatives.” Indeed they were, by the most craven conservatives on the planet!

She also shouted at her panelists: “He’s not saying that those allegations against him amount to nothing if he did! He’s saying he didn’t do it!” Well if he denies it, I guess that’s that!

This is only the latest from Kelly. She appeared on Hardball last Wednesday, where host Chris Matthews, who’s had his own issues with women, reportedly identified her as an “expert” on matters of sexual assault and harassment. She used that expert status to sagely observe that the pattern of accusations against Kavanaugh hasn’t gone like it has with other powerful men—like her former boss, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes—because there was, at the time, only one woman on the record.

“It tends to be one woman or person opens the floodgates and then others come forward saying me too, me too, me too,” she told Matthews. “For whatever it’s worth in Kavanaugh’s case, we haven’t seen that and moreover what we have right now is repeated testimonials of 30 plus years of exemplary public service.”

Listen, you can hardly “believe women” when there’s only one of them, don’t you think??

Two days before that, Kelly aired what she called the “most dramatic theory in defense of” Kavanaugh, for some reason.

“Maybe he blew her off,” she said. “This is what defenders would say, right? She been harboring—she had an axe to grind about him and she lays the foundation as a Democrat [sic] donor, saying I don’t want—I’m just going with the most dramatic theory.”

But in case you doubted where she stood, she went on to offer a more “legitimate” argument in the form of an impassioned defense of statutes of limitation around these crimes.

By this morning, Kelly was arguing with Tom Arnold about Kavanaugh.

Again, very cool!! Keep up the great work, Megyn.

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