Millennials blaze trail to marijuana legalization


Young people are carrying the torch of marijuana legalization, according to new poll numbers.

A whopping 68 percent of millennials (people born in 1981 to 1997) want legal weed, according to a poll released on Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

Compare that to 52 percent of Gen Xers (born 1965 to 1980) and 50 percent of Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964). The Silent Generation (born 1928 to 1945) are ruining the party (as usual), with just 29 percent backing legalization.

Looking at race and ethnicity, the most likely supporters are blacks (58 percent) and whites (55 percent). A majority of Hispanics oppose legalization, with only 40 percent in favor.

Here’s the breakdown by gender, generation and party identification:

According to the poll, about half of Americans have tried marijuana. That’s up from 38 percent in 2003.

Chris Christie would “crack down” on marijuana as president

Someone hasn’t been listening to the youngs.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said on Tuesday that he would “crack down” on states that have legalized marijuana if he’s elected president.

Christie hasn’t formally announced a bid for the White House, but he spoke in hypotheticals on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.” Hewitt asked the governor if he would enforce federal marijuana laws in states such as Colorado and Washington if elected president.

“Absolutely,” Christie said. “I will crack down and not permit it.”

The governor called marijuana a “gateway drug” and said “we have an enormous addiction problem in this country.”

If Christie decides to run for president, his stance will sharply contrast with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), who has already launched his campaign. Paul is the cosponsor of a bill that would legalize medical marijuana under federal law in states that permit it.

Marijuana startups compete for customers on 4/20

When stoners flock to Hippie Hill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this April 20, they might be greeted by more than good vibes.

Marijuana tech companies plan to attend the event and others like it to spread the word about their products, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Cannabis isn’t legal for recreational use in California, but the state has a liberal medical program. That leaves room for companies like Eaze — a medical marijuana delivery service — to market themselves to the 420 crowd.

How do you win over new customers? Eaze offers a nice incentive: a free eighth of weed to new customers (you need to have a medical marijuana card).

“We just want to provide a very low barrier for people to try the service,” Eaze CEO and founder Keith McCarty told the Chronicle. “Once people use the service once, they typically keep coming back.”

Ted Hesson was formerly the immigration editor at Fusion, covering the issue from Washington, D.C. He also writes about drug laws and (occasionally) baseball. On the side: guitars, urban biking, and fiction.

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