Priced Out


Late Friday afternoon, the White House announced that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price had resigned after being engulfed in a scandal over his use of taxpayer money to fly on private jets.

Price’s decision to use chartered and military airplanes to conduct government business is believed to have cost American taxpayers more than $1 million since he was named secretary. (He was also very bad in many other ways, both personal and political.)

Price now joins Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, Sebastian Gorka, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, and Reince Priebus among the ousted members of the Trump administration’s “best people

Earlier on Friday, President Trump teased Price’s departure, telling reporters outside the White House that he’d be announcing a decision on whether or not to keep his HHS secretary.

“He’s a fine man,” Trump said, adding, “We’re going to make a decision tonight.”

Evidently that decision is that the Price is wrong.

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