Steve King Is Having an All-Out Meltdown After Basically Condoning Rape and Incest


If there’s anything resembling a silver lining to Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King’s deeply racist, intensely misogynist rantings, it’s that there’s very little subtext involved—no hidden meanings to parse, or deeper truths to uncover.

Still, just because King proudly wears his far-right-wing ideology on his sleeve, that doesn’t mean his bouts of hateful bombast are always coherent. Take, for instance, this late night tweet from King to 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro, which manages to be both profoundly offensive and totally wacko all at once.

Presumably King was taking a shot a Castro’s good—if slightly misstated—support for transgender healthcare rights, but it’s honestly a little hard to tell. Is King being extremely transphobic or just screaming insanity into the void? Honestly, probably a healthy mix of both. If anything, King is the last person on Earth who should be talking about healthcare, after declaring that rape and incest aren’t so bad because without those heinous forms of sexual violence “would there be any population left.”

King’s out-of-the-blue blindside against Castro came at the tale end of an equally unhinged series of tweets attacking Republicans and Democrats alike in what seems to be a doubling down on his initial rape and incest comments.

Steve King—get off Twitter, get out of Congress, and please, for the love of god, shut the fuck up forever.

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