Texas’s newest GOP official is an insane conspiracy theorist who called Hillary Clinton an ‘angry bull dyke’


Congratulations to Robert Morrow, who was recently elected to the position of chairman of the Travis County (Texas) GOP party. He takes over amid a bit of controversy—his vice chairman Matt Mackowiak told the Texas Tribune Wednesday that Morrow was a “total disaster” and he’d be attempting a “hostile takeover” of the party.

“Tell them they can go fuck themselves,” Morrow told the Tribune in response.

Woah! How’d we get here? Well, essentially, Morrow presents himself as a crazy person (his Twitter bio reads “Google Jeb Bush Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal 1986 and you will learn a lot about Jeb Bush & Oliver North”) and Mackowiak, presumably, would prefer someone not guided by a wealth of conspiracy theories.

Via the Tribune:

The newly elected chair of the Republican Party in the county that includes the Texas Capitol spent most of election night tweeting about former Gov. Rick Perry’s sexual orientation and former President Bill Clinton’s penis, and insisting that members of the Bush family should be in jail.
He also found time to call Hillary Clinton an “angry bull dyke” and accuse his county vice chair of betraying the values of the Republican Party.

As previously mentioned, Morrow—the author of a book called The Clintons’ War On Women—keeps pretty busy on the social web with his musings on the Clinton family. A representative sample:

The Austin-American Statesman reports that Morrow, a graduate of Princeton University, is a “self-employed investor and political activist,” and made news in the past for owning 200 to 300 books about the Clintons and running ads looking for evidence for his theory that former governor Rick Perry was gay.

Morrow also appears to have a personal Facebook page; many of his profile pictures are simply of women wearing bikinis.

He really seems to like boobs:

His Facebook friends seem to have picked up on his penchant for really loving boobs. On one post, where Morrow endorses Ted Cruz for President, a Facebook friend wrote, “Morrow, stick to the boobs. You wouldn’t know a good candidate if he bit you in the ass.”

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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