Tomi Lahren’s New ‘Freedom’ Athleisure Line Wasn’t Made in America


This is one of those great stories filed in the “Of Course Not” category, because dumb “Make America Great Again” grifters like Tomi Lahren (and Donald Trump) never really care that much about principles.

Last week, Splinter’s Katherine Krueger told you about a new line of pro-gun-rights athleisure wear put out by Lahren, a conservative dipshit, and Alexo Athletica, a company that claims to advocate for the Second Amendment and for “supporting a woman’s right to choose how she defends herself while striving to bring the best in fashionable, functional active carry-wear to the market.”

The FREEDOM line of products includes shit like “Freedom Star Leggings,” “Freedom Star Bra Top,” “Freedom Camo Bra Top,” “Freedom Camo Leggings,” “Freedom Bomber Jacket,” and “Freedom Bag.”

These patriots sure do seem to love their freedom. And Lahren certainly seems to love her some troops. And some guns.

Here’s what she said when FREEDOM was launched:

“I think there are young girls out there that don’t really feel like they have a brand that represents their freedom, they don’t feel like they have a brand that represents their rights. It’s kind of been taken over by a certain group of people, and I wanted my fans, my followers, my friends to have a line that they could wear and feel proud to be an American, feel proud of freedom, proud of the country that they live in, and that’s really what this line represents, beyond just being a fun, sporty line.”


But there’s a problem: None of this shit was made in ‘Murica, which doesn’t sound very patriotic or MAGA at all. Apparently, it was made in—gasp—China! Damn you, Tomi!

After being called out on this, Lahren’s response was to tweet out a statement by Alexo CEO Amy Robbins about “labor costs” and “heightened regulations” and other nonsense that has nothing to do with personal responsibility and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. I mean, really, they’re just taking your money and sending those jobs overseas! To China!

Here’s Robbins’ full statement:

We had to make a decision that millions of American companies, especially small business owners, must make when starting a business and go with the American based company that happened to have their manufacturing facilities overseas. Due to the increased labor costs and heightened regulations many US based manufacturers face we were left with little option but to manufacture overseas to start out. We’re working diligently to bring our manufacturing back home to the US and work with other hardworking companies that pride themselves on integrity and quality. If that’s you, we would love to talk to you. Please send us your information to [email protected]. Take care and as always Carry with Confidence.

Wait a minute. They’re working “diligently” to bring their manufacturing back home? They just started! Why didn’t Lahren wait until the manufacturing was actually brought “back home” before launching this FREEDOM line in the first place? So confusing.

Anyway, I suspect some of our readers might also pride themselves on integrity and quality and want to help out. If that’s you, drop them a line.

Or just watch this dumb video instead:

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