Trump AM Brain Status: French Onion Soup

White House

While we may never know what Howard Taft worried about at 6 a.m. and Lyndon Johnson’s pre-breakfast ruminations were, we now live in an era where the president of the United States can share his dumbest, most soup-brained concerns to the entire planet—a privilege of which Donald Trump frequently avails himself. But even by Trump’s already logorrheic standard, Tuesday morning’s Twitter barrage was one for the ages.

Trump kicked things off at 5:59 a.m. with a direct attack on Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, presumably over Krugman’s just-published opinion piece in the “Fake New York Times” declaring the Republicans “a party that no longer believes in American values.”

The president then widened his focus to the Times itself, insisting the paper should “get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness,” which is definitely a normal and not at all worrying thing for a person to demand from a newspaper.

Times-bashing taken care of, Trump moved on to more important things, like hyping his next MAGA rally:

Complaining about his favorite boogeymen:

And waxing nostalgic about the “old days” when no one would dare criticize the president.

Then it was time for an unsolicited plug for his favorite TV show, followed by an attack on his former bestie:

(Scarborough, for his part, responded immediately with the cable news equivalent of a Mean Girls GIF.)


OK, time for a quick check in on the motorcycle industry:

And then back to the important business at hand—being Extremely Online:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand fin.

Wow, what a journey.

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