Trump Tries Out Wild New Conspiracy Theory to Explain Away His Troubles

White House

Speaking outside Orlando at The Villages, the nation’s largest retirement community and home to a bunch of seniors who adore him, Donald Trump on Thursday tried out a new conspiracy theory on the friendly, sundowning crowd in an effort to keep the ever-present threat of impeachment at bay.

“We’re lowering the cost of prescription drugs, taking on the pharmaceutical companies. You think that’s easy? It’s not easy,” he said. “They come at you from all different sides. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hoax didn’t come a little bit from some of the people we’re taking on.”

Trump went to say big pharma is “very powerful,” which is objectively true, and claim they spend more money “than any other group in the world, in terms of lobbying,” which was a bit more hmmmm.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the nonsense….was from some of these industries, like pharmaceuticals, that we take on,” he also said. An interesting theory for sure!

“The hoax” Trump was referring to is the torrent of shit currently swirling around him over his urging the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden’s son. While the White House insists everything is fine and Trump is the best messenger (compared with Rudy Giuliani, perhaps?), he’s gotten in his own way time and again, today suggesting China jump in the fray as well.

So even if this current scandal weren’t wrought by his own stupid hands, Trump is doing his damnedest to propel it forward—no special interests necessary.

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