Vandals Struck at the Heart of the Only Thing Donald Trump Truly Loves in This World


Someone vandalized one of the only things Donald Trump feels any emotion for on this planet: his golf courses.

Over the weekend, anonymous hoodlum(s) reportedly dug out chunks of sod across the thirteenth hole fairway of the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. Then they spray-painted “RESIST” in large red letters and scorched anarchist “A”s into the turf with what authorities believe was bleach.

According to NBC Washington, there is no estimate for the damage yet. The vandalism was discovered on Saturday morning, and marks the second time this course has been hit with graffiti since Trump’s election. The Secret Service is reportedly leading the investigation.

Earlier this year, activists unfurled a massive “resist” banner behind the White House from the boom of a construction crane. Now, it seems, they’ve wised up. The President couldn’t care less about what happens in Washington. But mess up his golf game? That’ll get his attention.

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