Dogs vs. drones: the war begins


Small camera-equipped drones are poised to revolutionize all kinds of industries in the next few years. More importantly, they’re going to revolutionize the way we mess with our pets.

Like the Roomba, the quadcopter drone is deeply polarizing among dogs. Some dogs see drones as terrifying killer robots, while others (like mine) just view them as strange new toys to be chased around the yard. But one thing is clear: this will end in war.

Here are 13 of the best dog vs. drone battles of all-time.

1. For thousands of years, dogs reigned supreme.

2. But there’s a new threat to their existence.


4. Drones are crafty. This one poses as a bone, then attacks.

5. This one just hovers, tauntingly.

6. Some dogs want no part of the battle.

7. But other dogs are ready to fight.

8. (If they can catch the drones, that is.)

9. To win the war, dogs will need to band together.

10. And fight on land and sea.

11. They’ll need to work on their jumping abilities.

12. And practice sharp turns.

13. But don’t count out the dogs. VICTORY IS POSSIBLE.

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