Give Trump a One-Way Ticket to the Moon!!!

White House

Donald Trump, like most children, is interested in space travel. Specifically, he’s started voicing a desire for another American mission to the moon and then to Mars.

He tweeted on Monday afternoon that, under his new budget proposal, space is gonna be back in a BIG way:

According to the Associated Press, a White House budget amendment sent to Congress on Monday included shifting an apparent surplus of nearly $2 billion in Pell Grant funding to other expenditures, among them funding for NASA. (The amendment also reverses the administration’s flagrant attack on funding for the Special Olympics, per the wire service.)

So, the president wants to go to the moon.

My idea: If we’re going to the moon, put the damn PRESIDENT on that rocket ship, make it a one-way ticket. Our current host of problems big and also quite big? POOF, GONE. Thank me later.

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