H&M’s new ad campaign is fiery, feminist, and fun as all hell


H&M is no stranger to progressive advertising as far as large clothing brands go, what with featuring a model in a hijab and having a 60-year-old model star in their swimwear campaign, but they’ve definitely outdone themselves with their latest push, a video that seeks to reclaim the concept of being “ladylike.”

The clip features a range of badass women: veteran model Lauren Hutton (and her deliciously eviscerating side eye), model and actress Hari Nef, creative director and businesswoman Pum Lefebure, plus-size models Paloma Elsesser and Katy Syme, top Muay Thai boxer Fatima Pinto, model and founder of feminism, social justice, and gender equality platform Gurls Talk Adwoa Abdoah, models Neelam Gill and Heather Kemesky, and artist and Lion Babe singer (who gave us the fantastic soundtrack to the ad) Jillian Hervey, among others.

It’s fun, it’s badass, and it gleefully smashes expectations of what it is to be “ladylike.” If being ladylike means not giving a damn, then I’m in. Oh, and one more time for the girls:

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