Here's a TL;DR version of Donald Trump's immigration reform word salad


Donald Trump has released a six-page plan for immigration reform, ABC News reports.

Given the Republican presidential candidate’s past remarks about immigration—like when he said that Mexican immigrants bring drugs and rape over the border with them—you can probably guess what the plan says. For the sake of time, we boiled it down to a word cloud of key terms. The larger the word, the more often Trump uses it.

Border. Jobs. Illegal. 9/11. Got it? Good.

In case you want it, here’s a more thorough breakdown of “Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again.”

The Zoolanderianly titled plan is founded on three core principles, the first being that the United States must have a wall built along its southern border. Trump says that the wall, which he insists Mexico must pay for, will reduce crime and lower taxes.

The second core principle deals with the enforcement of constitutional law. The GOP frontrunner calls for an end to birthright citizenship and the mandatory detention of undocumented immigrants in order to do so.

The third core principle has to do with “putting American workers first.” Trump’s rhetoric pits black and Hispanic Americans against undocumented immigrants. The 9/11 hijackers, the Boston bombers, and the Islamic State make cameo appearances.

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