Huge Racist Immediately Defeated


CNN and Fox News have projected that Corey Stewart, Virginia’s Republican white nationalist candidate for Senate, has lost his race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine. CNN made its call at 7:00 p.m. EST—the exact moment polls closed in Virginia.

The race, it seems, was not particularly close. At all.

Stewart’s election night party seemed as dead as his campaign.

Stewart’s immediate loss flew in the face of President Donald Trump’s earlier prediction, which urged voters not to “underestimate” a candidate with concrete ties to honest-to-god neo-Nazis.

Stewart, who has repeatedly praised the Confederacy despite being born and raised in northern Minnesota, spent much of his past year saying nice things about Confederate monuments, going bonkers on CNN, and associating with Bigfoot porn connoisseurs.

Suffice it to say, Stewart will not be missed.

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