Introducing Splinter's 69 Idiots of 2018

69 Idiots
Introducing Splinter's 69 Idiots of 2018
Illustration:Jim Cooke (GMG)

2018 has been an exceedingly idiotic year across the board. We had to deal with the daily antics of our big dumb idiot president and the idiocy of everyone in his inner circle/criminal cabal, and then we had to hear “analysis” about the president blowing a raspberry from the worst idiots in cable news and the media at large.

Then we were subjected to the malignant evil (idiocy, for our purposes) by the capitalists who rule the world and still manage to sound whiny; elected officials who never seem inconvenienced by their lack of spine; AND THEN, we suffered the bald-faced, capital-I idiocy—a rare breed indeed, but one that ruled this idiot country’s discourse in 2018—of two groups that would seem diametrically opposed: the #Resistance crowd radicalized by Trump’s Twitter and the swamp-things that stew and multiply like single-celled organisms in the fever swamps of the right-wing ‘net.

As the biggest idiots online, we are uniquely positioned to judge the public figures who went above and beyond to make our top 69 idiots of the year. We’ll be releasing a category a day starting today. Refusing to join us on this journey would only reveal your own stupidity!

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