Kanye West Appears to Be Joining Forces With a Bunch of America's Worst Conservative Demons


Last week, Kanye West returned to Twitter nearly a year after deactivating his account. West’s return initially essentially consisted of a few sneak peeks from his upcoming Yeezy collections and a stream of Jaden Smith-style assertions about culture, the past, ideas, and other nebulous concepts adjacent to creativity. But now shit is starting to get weirder. Perhaps even weirder than West going to Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump days after he was elected president.

It all started when Kanye West tweeted his admiration for Candace Owens, a black conservative figure who called Black Lives Matter “whiny toddlers,” and wrote that cops killing black people “isn’t about racism.”

This was very controversial.

Then, today, West posted nine videos of Scott Adams—the Dilbert cartoonist who has argued that things like rape are “natural instincts of men” and thinks Trump, an actual idiot, is playing 4D chess—talking about breaking out of “mental prisons.” This puts Kanye one degree away from alt-right trash heap and Scott Adams superfan Mike Cernovich, who has been tweeting about this interaction all afternoon. What a brave new world.

The videos come from a 22-minute Adams lecture posted on Sunday about how Donald Trump broke out of the prisons of the mind, and how white people solved slavery and civil rights but now they’ve done all they can and black people have to finish the rest of racism, and also how Kanye West broke out of his mental prison because he tweeted about Candace Owens, and how this is going to usher everyone into a Golden Age. Adams’ video was also controversial, but it was mostly stupid.

After he was done posting the nine (9) clips, West followed up with this tweet:

I’m not quite sure exactly what to think, but that’s probably because that mental prison that I have incarcerated myself in is a little too concerned with the actual wellbeing of Kanye West.

West also tweeted that Donald Glover is a free thinker, so maybe he’s not totally gone, but I’m still concerned for him. This flirtation with white people who think that embracing their privilege is a form of mental emancipation and expect the people who are oppressed by that privilege to do the same cannot be good.

Also, there’s this:

Here’s hoping this doesn’t go any further, but knowing every person involved in this strange debacle so far, I guess I’ll see you again when Kanye West appears on Infowars with the lizard man. I hate this.

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