Leslie Jones drags her 'Ghostbusters' haters on Twitter


The time has come! The Ghostbusters remake is coming out this week, and early reviews are looking pretty good—heaps better than what the dumpster seepage that is internet trolls would have you believe. But while the four women take out ghosts on the screen, Leslie Jones, one of the stars of the movie, is taking out haters on Twitter.

None of the women in Ghostbusters have been safe from sexist internet vitriol, but as the sole woman of color on the squad, Leslie has endured the added rancor of racism. After duking it out with haters for the last week or so (and creating a stellar image specifically for blocking purposes), Jones approached the situation with a different tone this morning after realizing that these full-grown men who have thrown their disdain at her and the film have daughters themselves:

Considering she put this out there the day after she slayed the red carpet in a gorgeous off-shoulder Christian Siriano dress, twirling on all the designers who declined to dress her, I’d say Ms. Jones is having a pretty good week.

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