Mexican lawmakers declare Donald Trump gringo non grata


Mexico City lawmakers have found something they can agree on: Donald Trump is gringo non grata.

And now they’re pressing the federal government to support their efforts to ban Trump from ever visiting their country.

“We are calling on the Ministry of the Interior to process the necessary formalities so that Donald Trump will not be allowed to enter Mexico,” Mexico City congressman José Delgadillo told Fusion.

Delgadillo, a member of Mexico’s conservative PAN party, says his fellow Mexico City assembly lawmakers from the ruling PRI and leftist PRD have unanimously approved the so-called “point of agreement” asking President Enrique Peña Nieto and Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong to “suspend or prohibit” Trump from entering the country.

“We are doing this for our compatriots,” says Delgadillo.

Despite bipartisan support for a Trump ban in Mexico City’s legislature, it’s unlikely that the federal government will implement such measure.

“I think the government’s response has been lukewarm,” Delgadillo says. “President Peña Nieto has yet to raise his voice like former presidents Felipe Calderón and Vicente Fox.”

Last month, former President Vicente Fox slammed Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric and said he wasn’t “going to pay for that fucking wall.” Former President Felipe Calderón also criticized the Republican candidate, calling his wall proposal “stupid.”

The Mexican government has remained more tight-lipped. President Peña Nieto has not directly addressed Trump’s rhetoric in an effort to not involve his administration in the U.S.’ election process. Mexico’s top diplomat Claudia Ruiz Massieu, meanwhile, has called Trump’s comments “racist and ignorant.”

A spokesman for the Mexican presidency this week said that whoever wins the U.S. election will have to work with Mexico, given the two countries’ deeply interwoven economic ties.

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