New Orleans aquarium welcomes adorable (and super annoying!) baby penguin into the world


New Orleans’ Audubon Aquarium for the Americas has announced the hatching of a very cute, very rare African blackfooted penguin chick named Chicory, WDSU News reports. But like Haley Joel Osment and Jonathan Lipnicki before it, that penguin’s cuteness won’t last forever.

Chicory, born Apr. 23 to penguin parents Millicent and Puddles, might just be a ball of inoffensive baby animal fluff right now. But Audubon Aquarium Aviculturist Darwin Long told the AP that it won’t be long until it starts shedding feathers everywhere.

And honking all the time.

No, seriously. The honking. Just watch the first five seconds of this AP video.

But…oh my God, Chicory’s so cute though.

That little wobble-headed face.

I can’t stay mad at you.

Long also told the AP that the African blackfooted penguin is severely endangered, so I guess Chicory (and the rest of blackfooted penguin-kind) gets a pass on the annoying front.

Bad at filling out bios seeks same.

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