Watch John Oliver's powerful call to fight Donald Trump with everything we've got


If you were holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, the last few days were all just a bad dream, and an orange-tinted reality TV star/bigot wasn’t actually elected President of the United States of America—I’m sorry to report that you’re sadly mistaken.

This is our world now. We made our (terrible) bed, and now we have to sleep in it.

But to fully get our heads around just how we got here, and what, exactly, “here” actually is, let HBO’s John Oliver take a crack at explaining this new hellish reality. Because, if we’re gonna be this screwed for the next four years, we might as well all laugh a little along the way. He also provides some inspirational ways we can fight to change this nightmare, and at the end of this video, he sums up precisely how we all feel about 2016, an objectively garbage year.

Watch the video above.

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