Watch Protesters Shout Down House Republicans as They Pass Monstrous Tax Bill


Despite a last ditch effort by protesters to appeal to any vestige of shame or dignity from within the GOP, House Republicans on Tuesday voted in favor of a tax overhaul that will give a giant boost to the ultra-rich while dramatically screwing over most ordinary citizens.

The final vote was 227-203, with 12 Republicans defecting.

With chants of “kill the bill, don’t kill us,” and “we’re coming for your jobs,” protesters were lead out of the House chamber while Republican congressmen patted themselves on the back for advancing one of the most wildly unpopular pieces of legislation in a generation.

At least one protester removed her top (she was reportedly still wearing a bra) during the proceedings. Another shouted “you’re lying” while House Speaker Paul Ryan gushed effusively about legislation that will almost certainly leave a body count. According to an observer in the House chambers, one Republican on the floor loudly retorted, “throw her ass out.”

The Senate is expected to pass the bill on Tuesday evening. It will almost certainly be signed into law by President Donald Trump.

Update, 4:45 PM—Despite the GOP’s self-congratulatory victory lap over their legislative win, House Republican leaders confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that a number of elements in the tax bill violate Senate rules, and the House will be forced to vote once more on the measure on Wednesday.

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