23 awesome vintage photos of people listening to music


Vinyl has been making a comeback. Not only does it sound good, there’s something beautiful about the physical process—removing an album from its sleeve, then from its protective white snuggie, and setting it onto a turntable.

But modern day record lovers have nothing on these old-school music fans, who manage to make listening to music look unbelievably relaxing and enjoyable. These photos, taken from 1929-1976, show the music consumption experience from the record’s true heyday:

Who knew that parrots loved to listen to music out of gramophones in 1929? And also do not fly away if just left outside perched near some tunes? Maybe this man is a conductor of parrots?

This is actually a scene lifted directly from my dreams, in which I feed my goat a small cup of milk at tea time and listen to something on the music player, all while wearing what looks to be a really comfy cotton slip dress.

Dogs love music too.

The man holding this gramophone looks happier than anyone has ever looked, but his happiness has a cost. The man with the paper is getting the full force of these tunes.

If you’re going to listen to music on an airplane, make sure you bring headphones for all your fellow passengers.

This man is not a DJ. He is a conductor. I do not know why he needs so many turntables at once.

Who doesn’t love to lean on a really large music box?

Record players are more portable and easier to use than gramophones. Children also like them.

This is a wall that plays records for you. It is similar to the ones that used to exist in Virgin Records across this country. This man is probably not listening to “Love is a Many Spendored Thing,” but that is an option.

Men of the Lord like music too.

Dean Calgano might have been an up-and-coming DJ in 1955, but boy did not know how to store his records.

One thing people loved to do in the past: Lie on the floor with their favorite records strewn about them.

See! Lying on the floor is the only way to listen to music. Even if you’re the “world’s fastest woman.”

More lying on floors!

Yes. Time to lie on the floor again!

Truly, the only way to listen to music is horizontally.

Lie on a couch only if you absolutely must.

The only time to sit up with a record is if you are a fancy human with a portable record player.

How else would you show how portable the record player is! You don’t have to lie down anymore!

You can stand—if you’re going to the jukebox to pick a new stellar hit to play at the soda fountain.

Definitely stand when you bring your friends over to force them to listen to your favorite tune even though they think pop is for girls, god.

This jukebox was very fancy when first invented. You can tell because it had 6 speakers! Marvelous!

Listening to music with friends is probably the best way to listen to music, though. All you need are some headphones, a record player, a reel-to-reel and some friends—be they your schoolmates, the floor, or your absolute favorite parrot.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.

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