A poem composed of actual nicknames for Barack Obama found in right-wing internet comment sections


The following poem is composed entirely of nicknames for Barack Obama recently found on conservative websites, especially in the comments sections.

Obungler, Obungle,
Obummer, Obum,
Odumdum, Odummy,
Odumpster, Odumb.

Obimbo, Obarfo,
Oblahblah, Obysmal,
Oblunder, Obozo,
Obastard, Odismal.

Obogus, Obrother,
Oblowme, Obumbles,
Ofungus, Ofoolish,
Ofailure, Ofumbles.

Ovomit, Ovulva,
Odopey, Odrama,
Obola, Obooba,
Obarbie, Otrauma.

Kid Zero, King Clueless,
The Commander-in-Thief,
Il Doofus, Il Douchebag,
The Pantywaist-in-Chief.
His Majesty, His Travesty,
President Empty Chair,
King Bamster, King Momjeans,
The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers.

Ododo, Odildo,
Odorkus, Odipshit,
O’Carter, O’Chavez,
O’Hitler, Onitwit.

Ogolfer, Ogreedy,
Ojackoff, Ojerka,
Obonghit, Obigshit,
Obonehead, Oburka.

D’ohbama, Nobama,
Blowbama, Onut,
Obutthole, Obuttwipe,
Obuttmunch, Obutt.

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