An extremely painful compilation of people falling off 'hoverboard' scooters


Hoverboards—as people are calling those two-wheeled, self-balancing scooters that look like Segways with no handlebars—are all the rage these days. Stars like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are riding them everywhere. They’re all over Vine and YouTube. Rapper Wiz Khalifa got detained at LAX for refusing to leave his behind at airport security.

They’re also difficult to ride, as proven by the number of people who have been filmed wiping out while trying to learn to balance on them. (And yes, we know that hoverboard scooters aren’t technically hoverboards—but since there’s no uniformly agreed-upon name for these strange two-wheeled scooters yet, that’s what we’re stuck calling them.)

YouTube user Skidders put together a blooper reel of hoverboard scooter falls, which is as painful to watch as it must have been to experience. Watch it above. And be careful out there.

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