At Least One Conservative Is Very Scared About Medicare for All


Medicare for All is gaining popularity and it’s apparently making conservatives in Texas fearful, the Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday.

“It’s very real,” Texas Republican Rep. Kevin Brady told the Chronicle. “I’ve never seen a healthcare idea gain so much momentum so quickly.”

“People are very, very worried,” he added. “I think the most common phrase, feedback I get is ‘disastrous.’”

It’s not exactly clear what Brady means about the content of these concerns or who these people are that he’s talking to. Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan aims to fix a system that’s already disastrous, so it’s hard to see where they’re coming from unless these “people” are, you know, pharmaceutical executives.

According to one survey from the Texas Medical Center, 55 percent of Texans support Medicare for all adults.

The Chronicle reported: “Texas, which leads the nation in residents without health insurance, is clearly ready to consider the pros and cons” of Medicare for All.

Brady reportedly called the proposal “dangerous” during a public event earlier this month at a hospital in Madisonville, Texas.

“One of the ideas I am worried about, and I wanted to get your feedback on, is something called Medicare for All,” Brady said. “What I worry about, if it becomes law, is that people will pay more and wait longer for worse care then they have today.

He continued: “I think some of the Democrats understand that this is a dangerous proposal. But more and more Democrats are only supporting candidates who support Medicare for All. I think you are going to see more of those candidates embrace this.”

Campaign finance data from the Center for Responsive Politics shows that Brady has taken contributions from major players in the health care industry such as Cigna, CVS Health, Merck, and Welsh, Carson, Anderson, & Stowe—a private equity firm that “builds” healthcare companies.

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