Boris Johnson Is Getting Mercilessly Owned Everywhere He Goes

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British prime minister Boris Johnson is not a very popular man in many parts of his home country (or with several people in his own family), which makes sense considering he’s actively attempting to drive said country off of a cliff. On Friday, he made the mistake of showing his face in public, where constituents repeatedly let him know just how much they loathed him in front of a bunch of television cameras.

In the northern town of Doncaster, Johnson was taken to task by a woman who slammed him not just over Brexit, but the Tories’ longstanding affinity for austerity as well.

“People have died because of austerity, and you’ve got the cheek to come here and tell us austerity’s over and it’s all good now,” the woman told Johnson. “It’s just a fairy tale.” Yikes.

Later, during a speech in the nearby town of Rotherham where he pledged to give local governments money to run their own railways—Johnson caught a bunch of heckling from the crowd.

After a bit of unintelligible yelling, Johnson responded: “Yes, I’m all in favor of our MPs.”

“Then why are you not with them in Parliament not sorting out the mess that you have created?” the man shot back, before being escorted out by security. “Why don’t you sort it out, Boris?” Double yikes.

This all follows an incident from last week where a man dressed him down for “playing games” and not working on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, which is currently set to happen on October 31 with or without a deal with the EU. Johnson responded by just standing there and mumbling “That’s not true” like a goddamn moron. Also, this happened.

Johnson is set to meet with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday; adding to his woes is a new poll indicating growing support for Welsh independence if it meant that Wales would be able to stay in the EU.

As bad as it is out in the World for Boris, it’s no better for him in Parliament right now. Maybe just stay in bed and call a personal day next time, man.

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