Donald Trump Just Can't Help Himself


At a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday evening, Donald Trump proved that he loves to shit talk. And he doesn’t even have to talk that much shit. As Trump demonstrated during his speech to a very enthusiastic crowd, his online habits mean he can just name drop and immediately have a crowd turned against said dropped name.

“Is there anything better than a Trump rally?” Trump asked the crowd. They immediately said, “No!” Trump replied, “What about a sleepy Joe Biden rally?” As the crowd booed, Trump did a weird impression of Biden…. Falling asleep? Falling over? Unclear.

Then Trump moved onto Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). The crowd loudly booed when Trump brought her up: “The most successful state in the history of your state, and in the history of the country, then you are going to vote for somebody else?” Trump asked the crowd, probably sarcastically. “Let’s vote for Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren.”

Barack Obama (of course) was also a punching bag of Trump’s when he said Obama closed mines (?) in Minnesota (???).

Let’s go to the tape, via C-SPAN: “The steel industry is back. We are opening up mines in Minnesota. The great state of Minnesota. They have magnificent mines that have the best iron ore in the world, and President Obama closed them down.”

But don’t worry, maybe Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) will help re-open (?) the closed (??) mines (???). “Maybe we can get Rep. Omar of Minnesota to open up, but I don’t think so. She will open them. She will open them up. I don’t think so. Rep. Omar, that is another one,” Trump said.

On the one hand, it is a false accusation as far as I can tell, but on the other hand….. What a weird fucking thing to lie about???? It’s nights like these that remind me just how far away Nov. 3, 2020 is. So far.

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