Dorm director spams dorm email list with instructions on how to achieve female orgasm


Correction: A previous version of this story named the school where an inappropriate email incident occurred as Drake University. It took place at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. We regret the error.

The University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse employs a residence hall director named Jude Legiste. Jude’s role, presumably, included making residents feel as comfortable as possible while living in the dorm Drake Hall. But, according to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report, Jude did not do that when he sent a certain email last week to several hundred students with the subject line “You gone learn today!!,” and now he is in trouble with the university, who placed a reprimand on his file for the contents of the email.

What Legiste believed the students were “gone learn today,” the Lacrosse Tribune reports, was a lesson in how to help men erase the female “orgasm deficit.” Legiste, it seems, copy-and-pasted a Deadspin article titled “A Guide To Making Her Come Without Using Your Dick” into the email without giving any further context or indication it originally appeared on Deadspin until the very bottom of the page, where he wrote:

I am open to conversation about the topic or the worth of sending this to the whole building. – Jude

As the Journal-Sentinel points out in a subsection titled “Past blog posts,” this isn’t the first time Legiste’s run into trouble with some stuff he did on the internet.

Two years ago, when Legiste was a graduate student at LSU, he wrote a blog post aimed at student affairs administrators under the subject header: “Dating Students? Why Not?”
“We work in an environment where there could potentially be tens of thousands of beautiful young men and women. It’s only natural that we’ll be attracted to at least some of them. And sometimes they will be attracted to us too.”

Legiste, who won’t be fired, maintains it’s important that the students continue to discuss the female orgasm. “It’s more than sex,” Legiste told the Journal-Sentinel. “That’s where we’re most human, and if people don’t have equality at that level, it’s not going to happen anywhere else.”

“That’s where we’re most human.” Okay!

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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