Even Voter Suppression King Brian Kemp Hit a Snag Voting Today in Georgia


Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp has been on an increasingly desperate personal mission to make it as difficult as possible to vote in Georgia, particularly if you’re black. So it’s deeply ironic that Kemp, who is running against Democrat Stacey Abrams, himself ran into issues while voting today.

Kemp oversees the state’s elections as secretary of state—why yes, you would be correct in perceiving a major conflict of interest between that job and him being a candidate for statewide office—but when he tried to vote with his “voter card” today, he was told it was “invalid” and had to get another card in order to cast his ballot, as WSB-TV, the local ABC affiliate in Atlanta, reported.

Kemp’s campaign emphasized to NBC News that this was NOT an issue, nosiree, definitely NOT yet another indication of a broken system:

Kemp’s campaign told NBC News that this incident was a non-issue and that Kemp had a blank card. The campaign added it was fixed within seconds.

OK, sure!! Meanwhile, thousands of Georgians have reported issues at the polls, including standing in lines for hours on end. So excuse me while I enjoy the dark comedy of Kemp reaping the rewards of the infernal system he helped create, even if ever so slightly.

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