Fox & Friends Goes All in on Trump's New Personal Enrichment Scheme


Now that Donald Trump has officially made his case for hosting next year’s G-7 Summit at his private Doral, FL, golf resort—a move he insists wouldn’t actually make him any money, despite the fact that, uh, it really, really would—the obedient lapdogs at Fox News are here to pick up where the president left off, insisting that yes, Mr. President sir! This is a great idea that is Good For America!

“He would want to do it there anyway, whether he owns it or not,” Fox & Friends couch-occupier Brian Kilmeade insisted on Tuesday, echoing the president’s own aw-shucks excuses for foisting his personal property onto other world leaders. “It’s just the perfect site!”

“Trump Tower is not available,” Kilmeade laughingly noted a few moments later.

“It would be a beautiful place though, for world leaders to go and see what our country looks like,” Ainsley Earhardt agreed. “A beautiful representation.”

She then noted that she hadn’t actually been to the president’s financially floundering Doral estate, but added, “I love Miami, and I love Florida.”

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