Haunting Video of Northern Gaza Reveals a City Totally Destroyed

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Haunting Video of Northern Gaza Reveals a City Totally Destroyed

It has been difficult to get much confirmed information out of northern Gaza since the Israeli military launched its offensive on civilians in the wake of Hamas’s attack on October 7th. The Israeli-led destruction has created rolling internet and cellular blackouts, as Gaza has been largely cut off from the outside world.

Al Jazeera was able to fly a camera above the city of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, and it documented a truly horrific amount of destruction.

This is the backdrop for Elizabeth Warren’s assertion that there is “ample evidence” Israel is committing a genocide. She also implicated the United States in those remarks, as it is our taxpayer dollars that have funded the bombs creating the destruction you see above. If Israel is committing genocide by carpet bombing civilian enclaves, then it stands to reason that the government supplying those bombs is liable for genocide too.

This is a moral stain that will never be blotted out of American and Israeli society. Razing an entire city to the ground is not a second-order effect of this crisis like Benjamin Netanyahu and his lapdogs in Joe Biden’s State Department want you to believe. This horrific image is the direct result of standard Israeli and American policy.

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