Here Are All the Batshit Crazy Election Flyers You Sent Us


A few weeks ago, Splinter asked you, our precious readers, to send us pictures of all the crazy campaign flyers that were mailed out by candidates in a mad scramble to scare every last shut-in to the polls. You did not disappoint.

Let’s start off with an oldie-but-goodie, the puppet master ad. This one is about Nancy Pelosi, and folks, I have to say it—they got her good:

And the back:

Now, the racist dog whistles functioning as attack ads against Antonio Delgado are nothing new to this election cycle. That said, the GOP’s bizarre heel turn to a hollow, supposedly “pro-women” stance to contrast itself from the Rhodes Scholar is really something to see in print. These next two come from multiple readers living in upstate New York.



If you had “radical Islamic terrorists” on your BINGO card, you can check it off thanks to reader Jordan:

This one, from Shuva Ayyadurai’s U.S. Senate campaign against Elizabeth Warren, is, well, uhh, it’s really something:

This next one comes from the upstanding folks over at the Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania—there were a lot of fucked up submissions from Pennsylvania—who were doing their best “JOBS NOT MOBS” imitation.

Annnnd the back:

One reader sent us a link to this article from Ohio station WTOV9, about a truly insane flyer that one Ohio man thought thousands of his fellow citizens should review before hitting the polls:

Back to Pennsylvania, where state Senate candidate Jeremy Shaffer spent his entire campaign slinging mud at Democratic opponent Lindsay Williams. Nothing quite catches the eye like a nondescript white man—who has almost certainly never held a hammer, much less a chainsaw—staring you dead in the eye and bragging about having spawned some soft-palmed offspring, all in a plea for a vote:

And finally, it’s not a flyer, but this attack ad from Shaffer comes with some fairly racist, Russian-and-Cuban-cosplay, anti-socialist scare tactics. It was just too good to not include:

Now, as if you need any further encouragement to keep these crazies out of office after wading through the sewers of Hellworld, go vote and hand the world over to the puppet masters and Communists.

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