House Republicans are now spreading 'alt-right' climate denier garbage on Twitter


Happy Thursday! The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology–which is responsible for overseeing climate change policy–is tweeting boilerplate climate denialism in the vein of “It’s cold out! Climate change can’t be real!”

And where, you ask, did this iron-clad science come from? That would be Breitbart, the cesspool of the so-called “alt-right”  formerly run by Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief adviser.

Don’t bother clicking on that link. The post is a hodgepodge of callbacks to other Breitbart stories “debunking” claims about every successive year being the warmest on record, quotes from the leader of the United Kingdom’s most prominent climate denier group, and a lengthy diatribe about BuzzFeed.

Hours later, the committee’s verified accounted again to deride a group called Yale Climate Connections for hosting a climate change support group, for valuing “politics & emotions over facts.”

This was all enough for Sen. Bernie Sanders to jump into the ensuing fray.

Unfortunately, although a quick look back through the @HouseScience feed turns up mostly innocuous tweets, the House subcommittee is chaired by Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, a dedicated climate change denier, and has in recent years become a hotspot for insanely anti-science Republicans.

To the new social media manager over there: Call your office.

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