Important Nazi gold update: The Nazi gold train exists and is probably filled with Nazi gold


We’ve been diligently following along as the Nazi gold legend is becoming less of a legend and more of a reality. First, there was the girl who found a gold bar at Hitler’s favorite vacay spot. Then, there were two dudes who claimed they found an old train filled with gold rumored to have gone missing in Poland as the Nazis retreated from the Soviet army in the waning days of World War II.

At that point, all we knew is these two guys said they’d found it, but who knew if they were just making some stuff up. But today, the adults weighed in, and they declared: there is a “99% chance” the train exists.

Poland has a deputy culture minister, and his name is Piotr Zuchowski, and today, he held a press conference about the Nazi gold. He told the good people reporting on this important story he and his team of ground-penetrating radar folks in the Polish government found “images of a train” in the same area as our two friends did just two mere weeks ago.

The train is armored, The Guardian reports, meaning it’s likely valuable cargo is stored on the train.

“I am more than 99% certain that this train exists,” he told reporters.

So: it’s looking like there’s a train. It hasn’t been excavated yet, but soon the Nazi gold truth will be known, once and for all, and we can rest, knowing the Nazi gold exists.

Also, Zuchowski said a “deathbed confession” led the government to the train. A man claims to have been involved in the operation to hide the train 70 years ago, and he whispered to someone as he lay dying something along the lines of, “I hid the Nazi gold and this is where it is.” This is the first I’ve heard of any plot to hide the train! That’s crazy!

Nazi gold.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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