Instagram account flaunts the lives of 'The Rich Kids of Mexico City'


A series of recent inflammatory incidents involving young and wealthy Mexicans have sparked a public outcry in a country with extreme socioeconomic divisions.

Now, a new Instagram account titled “richkidsofmexicocity” (RKOMC) is asking social media users to send pictures “to show the world how the rich kids of Mexico live” — something the world has been dying to know.

It’s unclear whether the account is attempting to glorify or mock the privileged lives of Mexico’s young rich and famous. Fusion reached out for comment via Twitter, but didn’t get a response.

The RKOMC account is fueling an already heated debate on social media with daily photo posts of Ferraris, luxury watches, piles of cash, and champagne bottles. Mexican media has reported the Instagram account as an outlet where Mexican Mirreyes — a term coined to describe some of the wealthy and insensitive children of Mexican politicians and businessmen — can “boast their riches.”

Here are some of the pics that are making the rounds:

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