Jeff Bezos Is Funding a Bunch of Pro-Gun, Anti-Abortion Republican Congressional Campaigns


Bald industrialist Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon and America’s richest man, has officially waded into the midterms with a $10 million PAC donation. It is reflective of his absolute inability to spend money in a socially good way.

Bezos’ net worth currently stands at $167 billion, a number higher than you can comprehend. Unlike his mega-billionaire peers like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffett, he has not made substantial financial commitments to charity. He is so weirdly incapable of conceptualizing how he might use his immense fortune to help the world that he famously asked for philanthropy ideas on Twitter, and even more famously said, “The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel.” Jeff Bezos could be saving literally millions of human lives per year and curing entire diseases in the developing world but instead all he can think of is to build space rockets. He is a walking advertisement for the necessity of wealth confiscation.

Anyhow—he just donated $10 million to a political action committee. This amount of money, though small for him, makes him a major political donor in the context of the midterm elections. And what political ideology has America’s richest man chosen to support? If you guessed “The most confused, incoherent, counterproductive one,” you are extremely correct. He has donated to a PAC called With Honor, which brands itself as “a cross-partisan organization” that works to elect military veterans to Congress—as long as they take THE PLEDGE, in which they promise to have integrity and civility and to “join with colleagues on both sides of the aisle on at least one piece of major legislation each year.” So, lots of new cross-partisan Post Office namings.

If you are even mildly politically astute, you may have already picked up on the fact that this PAC seems to have no coherent political philosophy whatsoever. It is the most milquetoast sort of flag-waving meaninglessness. And indeed, when you look at the list of candidates that the PAC is supporting, you will notice a mix of Democrats and Republicans who have nothing in common except being veterans and who, if elected, will just cancel out one another’s votes. Great thing to spend $10 million on.

Additionally, this means that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is spending millions of dollars to directly support the campaigns of Republican candidates including:

Michael Waltz.

As a small business owner I have created hundreds of jobs and know first-hand the benefits of President Trump’s tax relief and de-regulation…
I have carried a rifle and a pistol for most of my adult life, and fired both in defense of every American and myself…
I’m a strong supporter of the right to life. I believe we must defend life at every stage and protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

Dan Crenshaw

I support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. As Democrats make false accusations about Republican policies, we must stick to free-market principles and lay out the FACTS… [ed.-lol]
I will always fight for 2nd Amendment rights. Democrats who don’t understand how guns even work continue to propose frivolous and ineffective gun-control legislation in Congress. We cannot allow the Leftists to set the terms of the gun rights debate in this country…
From Berkeley to Boston, leftist agitators are trying to “enforce” political correctness by shutting down speeches that they disagree with. Even some liberal commentators are finding this problematic and have called them out for their anti-American ways. College should be a place for the free and open exchange of ideas, not a place where groupthink and political correctness are enforced, and anti-conservative thugs reign supreme.

Van Taylor

Repeal Obamacare. Contrived in backroom deals and riddled with broken promises and false hope, former President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and their allies in Washington forced on the American people a $1.7 trillion dollar takeover of our healthcare system…
I am proudly pro-life and believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death. For my commitment protecting the unborn, I have earned a 100%+ pro-life rating and multiple endorsements from Texas Right to Life during my time in the State Legislature…
Defending Second Amendment Freedoms. On their sixteenth birthday some kids ask for a car. On my sixteenth birthday, I asked my dad for a membership to the National Rifle Association (NRA). As a lifelong gun owner, avid hunter, and life member of both the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), I have always fought to defend and expand our second amendment freedoms and will continue this fight against the gun-grabbers in Washington, D.C.

Don Bacon

Greg Steube

Jeff Bezos is funding these pro-gun, anti-abortion Republican campaigns for Congress. It’s that simple.

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