Mike Cernovich’s Reddit AMA Backfires Spectacularly 


Right–wing Pizzagate peddler, conspiracy theorist blowhard, and attention–seeker Mike Cernovich held an AMA on Reddit on Friday. But it didn’t really go anywhere because Cernovich spent most of the time dodging questions and responding with questions of his own rather than providing anyone with any real answers. Which is the opposite of what an AMA is supposed to be.

Anyone familiar with Cernovich—who most recently went after MSNBC contributor Sam Seder over a joke tweet and briefly got him fired—won’t be surprised by any of this. Any exposure for Cernovich, who claims he is a “journalist” and is peddling his book, “Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions and Live Life on Your Terms,” is a good thing and helps those donations continue to flow.

If you’re not really familiar with Cernovich’s “work,” all you need to know is that he authored blog posts like, “When in Doubt, Whip it Out,” and not even Alex Jones can really stand him. Some of Cernovich’s best work can be seen here.

On Reddit, the AMA’s first question pretty much set the tone for the entire thing: “Mike, buddy, big fan, long time listener – my question – how do you wake up every morning and resist the urge to swallow a bullet knowing that your lasting memory on this planet will amount to nothing more than a fecal stain on humanity?” a Redditor named MrZissman asked.

Cernovich attacked the question with an eagerness that quickly waned as the session dragged on. “I sleep like a champ and wake up energized every day. How’s your life going?”

Next question: “Hi Mike, How did you get a rape charge talked down to battery?”

Cernovich: “The false accusation against me was dismissed, and my initial arrest was expunged. That’s why you losers can’t find any court records, none exist, expungement!”

Follow–up question from a different Redditor: “did that have anything to do with you hiring a private detective to harass and intimidate your accuser into changing her story?”

And on, and on.

Next question:

Other questions included this one, by Redditor sejuani_air_ult: “Hey Michael, long-time follower here. In your blog post titled “When in Doubt, Whip it Out” you advocate for masturbating on top of women who don’t consent to intercourse. However, you’ve went on record on twitter claiming that masturbation is a “tool of cultural marxists” used to “criminalize normal sex”. Your stance isn’t completely clear, is masturbating on someone without their consent good or bad?”

And my personal favorite, from Vikingsjslc: “Are your supplements better than Alex Jones’?”

The entire thing is a pretty amusing read, until one returns to the same realization time and time again about Cernovich: Why do we continue giving this idiot our attention?

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