Missouri Voters Crush Right-to-Work Bill 


Some of the primary results tonight were pretty disappointing, but Missouri voters came through on Prop A, decimating their state’s proposed anti-union right-to-work law by a huge 20 point margin.

The law was originally passed by the Republican controlled state legislature, but labor unions petitioned to force a public referendum. It seems that was a good choice, because the proposition went down in flames.

A study by the Economic Policy Institute showed that right-to-work states have wages that average 3.1 percent lower than non-right-to-work states, when controlling for differences like education and race.

Missouri would have become the 28th state with a law forbidding mandatory union fees in workplace contracts. The no vote tonight permanently blocks the proposition from becoming law—that’s a huge win for workers in Missouri.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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