Some Suggested New Places to Send Reporters to Interview Trump Voters


Sure are lots of reporters going out and interviewing Trump voters in places where Trump won. Looks like that’s still happening, all the time. But why is it always West Virginia and western Pennsylvania and the town where they never stopped saying Merry Christmas, which, I didn’t read that piece, but I’m assuming it was somewhere obvious in the South and not, like, New Hampshire?

Lots of places voted for Trump. All over the country! Let’s hear from some new Trump voters for a change. Editors, next time you want a window into Trump Country, why not consider sending your political reporters to one of these Trump-supporting American communities instead?

  • Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn
  • Orange County, California
  • Edison Park and Norwood Park in Chicago
  • Hunterdon County, New Jersey
  • Douglas County, Colorado
  • This one precinct in the very northern end of Oahu where Trump won by a weirdly large margin. What’s up with it? I dunno! Let’s go talk to some Trump voters there.

You’re welcome. Now let’s get out there and hear from some new white people!

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