The RNC’s new Hispanic outreach director has a history of trashing Donald Trump. Awkward!


The Republican National Committee is having a tough time getting their message to the Hispanic community.

On Wednesday Ruth Guerra announced she would be stepping down from her position as the RNC’s director of Hispanic media relations—a decision reportedly inspired by her discomfort with the party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Now comes news that Guerra’s replacement, political commenter Helen Aguirre Ferré had as recently as last month been bashing Trump online and in interviews.

In the above video, Aguirre Ferré (formerly a political analyst with Univision News Network, which is owned by Univision, the parent company to Fusion) calls out Trump’s alienating rhetoric regarding women and the Hispanic community at large, compares him to a “street dog, and at one point says simply “I think that Donald Trump [..] hurts the country.”

With friends like these, right?

But her biting criticism of Trump wasn’t isolated to a single television appearance. As Media Matters points out, Aguirre Ferré’s recently scrubbed Twitter feed was full of, shall we say, “less than complementary” statements about Trump. Though now deleted, she tweeted predictions he would drive Miami Cubans away from the GOP, and at one point seemed to lay blame for violence at a Chicago rally squarely at the candidate’s feet.

She has yet, however, to delete this tweet, calling Trump’s attacks on Jeb Bush’s wife “beyond the pale.” (She reportedly served as an advisor to the Bush campaign.)

Still, given her new position within the RNC, Aguirre Ferré has presumably become a ticket-holding first-class passenger aboard the Trump train.

Maybe she can share a seat with Paul Ryan.

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