Access Hollywood Says Video of Trump Bragging About Sexual Assault Is 100% Real, Even if He Claims It's Fake


In response to Donald Trump reportedly questioning the legitimacy of the infamous Access Hollywood tape that surfaced just before the election, the program reiterated that the tape of our now-president gleefully bragging about sexual assaulting women is definitely authentic.

“Let us make this perfectly clear: The tape is very real,” Access Hollywood host Natalie Morales declared during Monday night’s episode, before reminding viewers that Trump himself admitted to the tape’s authenticity not long after it was published in October 2016.

“Remember, his excuse at the time was ‘locker-room talk,’” Moralis continued. “He said every one of those words.”

And Morales wasn’t alone in calling bullshit on Trump’s reported reimagining of history. Actress Arianne Zucker—who appeared in the tape and, unbeknownst to her, was the subject of degrading remarks by Trump and Bush—also spent Monday evening reminding the president that he’s admitted sexual predator.

“I don’t know how else that could be faked? I mean, unless someone’s planting words in your mouth, that’s the only other way,” Zucker told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “But it is puzzling to me. And I was curious. I thought, how do you apologize for something and then renege on it?”

A great question!

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