Conservatives Spent the Oscars Freaking Out About the Dumbest Shit


Last night’s Oscars gave us a lot to talk about. From the multiple Times Up shoutouts to that diversity sizzle reel to Frances McDormand’s “inclusion rider” directive, to THAT CLIP OF ROBERT DOWNEY JR. IN BLACKFACE FROM TROPIC THUNDER (are we just going to ignore that?), the Oscars seemed committed to trying to join the Discourse. But some people were equally committed to coming up with truly baffling responses to the ceremony.

For example, after Jordan Peele won best original screenplay for Get Out, National Review critic Kyle Smith decided that these tweets were good ideas and not at all a self own considering where he works.

This morning, Fox News honed in on the real issue: how no one at the Oscars gave a standing ovation after the nationalistic and slightly bizarre montage of war movies.

Sure, they applauded, but they weren’t standing and looked very bored because what is war but the ultimate celebrity buzzkill, amirite? Actually the Fox coverage in general was a lot:

And in the most on-brand response to the Oscars, Breitbart actually counted the amount of Trump jokes host Jimmy Kimmel made throughout the evening, which is just sad. He apparently made six, which Breitbart pointed out was down from last year’s Trump joke count of 15, which is somehow even sadder. The site also gave a shoutout to Common’s “‘woke’ performance” of what they called “slam beat poetry,” in which he also called out Trump.

Listen, we all know the most important part of the Oscars is not the red carpet, the host, the dumb stunts, or even the award for Best Picture. It’s the responses on social media and the collective drama we experience and create as viewers. But holy cannoli! Some responses should never see the light of day.

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