Fox & Friends Go From Mocking Climate Strike to Covering Effects of Climate Change Without Hint of Irony


Sorry to all you people attending the global climate strike today, but you are protesting over absolutely nothing—especially not the massive rains and flooding currently being seen in Houston. Nope, definitely not that.

Our favorite Fox & Friends idiots owned themselves again today while covering their local New York climate strikes, guffawing at the idea that children were being excused from school today if they wanted to participate in the protest.

“What they’re demanding is to end the use of fossil fuels here on Earth, and of course the Democrats who are running for president are embracing climate change,” host Steve Doocy said, before rolling a mash-up of clips in which Democrats say silly things like arguing we should create a classification of refugees for people escaping the effects of severe climate change, because is any place that bad to live? (The producers also misidentified Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, labeling him as West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, who was on the show earlier that morning warning about the boogeyman that is “climate change hysteria.”)

Brian Kilmeade went on to say that people are considering not having children in wake of the global climate crisis, while Ainsley Earhardt reminded viewers that eating cheeseburgers is also a major no-no, because that’s the only exact policy that climate activists are demanding, rather just a general acknowledgement that the world is burning in the first place.

Ironically enough, Fox News transitioned from their mocking directly to covering the massive rains and flooding in Houston amid Hurricane Imelda, which they said has so far killed two people, including someone who died from a fallen power line. (Five other record-tying tropical storms have formed in the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins, by the way.)

Seriously, look at the shit they’re dealing with in Houston:

But no, skipping out on school or work for a day to protest the earth melting and leaders doing nothing about it—Fox’s joke of the day—is the real issue here. Got it!

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